Gift Sampler Pack

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The cheese is “hot” smoked in an all western cedar smokehouse which is known as the most aromatic of all woods. It is smoked for six hours and turned every hour, allowing the rich smoke flavor to truly penetrate the center of each 1/4 lb cube.

There are a lot of smoked cheeses on the market and all of our customers come back year after year for the smooth creamy quality Steve’s Smoked Cheese provides.

The cheese is hand-cut into 1/4 lb cubes, providing for a perfect slice for entertaining.

A 1/4 lb cube will provide one plate of appetizers.


We only "hot” smoke the finest salmon, which comes fresh daily, direct from the mouth of the Campbell River in Canada. This salmon has never been frozen. Our salmon has a very mild salty taste. It has a very moist texture and is incredibly flavorful.

Our smoked salmon is commercially vacuumed packed for long shelf life and optimal freshness. We use a special dry rub of spices and sugars making our Smoked Salmon one of the most flavorful, non salty, and moist salmons on the market today.

Winner of the 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 Best Smoked Salmon in the Pacific Northwest Professional Division, Westport, Washington.